Could I Have Been (The Un​-​official DMB Mixtape)

by illa'Quation

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"Could I Have Been": The Un-Official DMB Mixtape
My first encounter with DMB was in a room with a group of people and "Let You Down" was playing in the background and the conversations slowly faded as the music took center stage. The next day I searched the "interweb" to find out who made the song. Unfortunately I stopped there and did not delve deeper into the catalog. It was not until I put the song on a mix cd to help woo a lady I was courting, who turned out to be a DMB fan and she was impressed that I knew of the band. That following year she took me to my first DMB concert in Camden and the rest is history. During the shows I found myself freestyling during some of the breaks, interludes, etc. and I thought to myself this music is dope. Without knowing any of the music, I appreciated how well these musicians played and it left an everlasting impression. Fast forward to today, I discovered that as a producer I could flip some of these samples into beats. It seemed fitting that the first one that I made was from the first song I heard from DMB, then after that I scoured the internet for live shows and interviews to create this project. I call it "Could I Have Been" basically to say just like Dave, these songs could have been anything other than what they were. I'm releasing this for free on BandCamp, but if there are any donations I will give them to Bama Works. Right now this is just an instrumental project but I plan to record vocals to these songs and release at a later date for the summer. If any artist would like to be involved with the project contact me at Hopefully this project will make you feel good, dance, sing, write, inspire, etc. Enjoy the gift.


released May 7, 2016

illa'Quation and DMB



all rights reserved